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About Rocna

Meet The Designer

Peter Smith is the designer of the Rocna Anchor. This sea-dog has been building, racing, and cruising sailing yachts since the early 1960's. In 1978, Pete walked away from his successful yacht production company Cavalier Yachts to go cruising with his wife, Josephine. Thirty-three years and well... Read more

Rock Solid Technology

Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd brings a strong quality control background to the manufacturing of the Rocna anchor family. As the world’s largest manufacturer of marine anodes, and supplier to the major marine engine manufacturers, we are extremely familiar with... Read more

The Film

The Rocna anchor was designed by New Zealand sailor Peter Smith, who has been designing, building, and sailing boats since the early 1960’s. Over 100,000 nautical miles of cruising, Peter experienced the same anchoring problems that are still prevalent today – needing to carry a variety of... Read more