Rocna Continues to Sponsor the Ruta de la Sal Races | Rocna® Anchors

Rocna Continues to Sponsor the Ruta de la Sal Races

Rocna Anchors Awarded to the Winners of the 2016 Ruta de la Sal Offshore Sailboat Race!

The Ruta de la Sal (Salt Route) regatta is held in Spain during Easter Week and is the most popular sea navigation regatta held in the Mediterranean. It is a challenging event because of the long distances involved and the often difficult weather conditions, which only seems to add to its appeal and provides extra motivation to tackle this seagoing adventure.

There are two routes to the finish line in San Antonio, Ibiza; the northern route starts in Barcelona, while the eastern route starts in Denia. In the most recent race, over 2,500 sailors and 300 boats took part.

This year, the winner of the Northern route it is a Yacht name Caro, a model Botin 65'. The winner of the Southern route is yacht name Plis Play, a Swam 80. Both won a Rocna Anchor upon finishing first, A Rocna 15 and Rocna 25, respectively.

Origin Marine, the Rocna Master Distributor for Spain, sponsors this race on behalf of Rocna Anchors. Origin Marine setup a booth at the start and finish providing information on Rocna, and also providing Rocna anchors to winners in various categories.

We are very proud to team up with Origin Marine to support this great event. Origin Marine was founded by a yacht captain and engineer with 20 years combined experience. Their work on sail and motor yachts helped Origin to identify products truly outstanding for their performance or value for money.

Traveling to the USA, China and around Europe has helped Origin Marine build relationships with chosen manufacturers, and so to offer Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar maximum value on carefully selected products such as Rocna Anchors. For more information on The Ruta de la Sal or Origine Marine visit the Ruta de la Sal website or visit Origin Marine online.

Please contact us if you have a local event that you think would be a good candidate for a Rocna sponsorship! We are looking to partner with our dealers and distributors to support these events and build awareness.