From Famous French Sailor Jérôme Poncet, Rocna 110 on 65' Steel Ketch | Rocna® Anchors

From Famous French Sailor Jérôme Poncet, Rocna 110 on 65' Steel Ketch

August, 2013

It is difficult to imagine a coastal navigation that is more dependent on the excellence of an anchor than that practiced in the extreme south. Georgia, Sandwich, Orkney and South Shetland Islands all have in common the terrible gusts down their slopes do; more terrain seems to offer protection, the more violent "williwaw" (and I speak not of "Katabatic" winds that had nothing see the inside) during the frequent passages of depression.

Sometimes, in a few minutes have can pass the quiet hell, with anxiety to see the boat slip on the coast, or worse go off the coast while it is still Earth.

Mooring operations are frequent, either because of the nature of the navigation (scientist, film, tourism), or as often in Antarctic Peninsula because of drift ice; but nothing is more significant than a background of good outfit with a trust anchor and the prospect of a quiet night.

For this it must be safe start with double sampling: diameter and length of chain, weight of the anchor; but this won't be enough if the design of the anchor is poor. It took me years, with many tests to get a get by discovering the Rocna anchor an outfit a foolproof on merits adequate; on it will sometimes remain the background to any smooth rock slab that will retain all the same a little adventure.

Famous French Sailor Jérôme Poncet