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I have a complaint about the Rocna anchor...it’s too good

November, 2017

I have a complaint about the Rocna anchor………it’s too good!

I have a 2002 Maxum 4200 SCR that weighs about 34,000 pounds with twin Cummins 450C Diesels.    The anchor that came with my boat was a beautiful polished stainless steel plow type.   That gorgeous anchor couldn’t secure my boat to save its life.   I remember trying 10 times to anchor my boat in a calm bay and the damn thing wouldn’t catch.  As an anchor, it’s life is over because I did my research and bought a 20 kilo Rocna.  Each time I’ve anchored my boat after buying the Rocna, the anchor secured the boat on the first attempt.  I had no problem using only my Rocna with two additional boats of almost equal size.   Last week I was in about 16 feet of water in Biscayne Bay, Miami, FL USA ( sand and mud mostly ) and when it came time to pull the anchor up, my shackle broke and my Rocna was left at the bottom.   Before the break, the anchor was so secure that it bent the anchor chain pulpit which is a very strong thick polished stainless steel.  I had a Captain operating the boat and he was directly overhead and then tried to unhook the anchor by using various angles.  The Rocna was burried deeply and securely set.  

I was angry that I lost the Rocna (forgot to note the GPS location) but happy to know the Rocna was THAT GOOD.   

I bought the exact same anchor a few days later along with some goggles and fins so I can search for my first Rocna.  Knowing that the Rocna is so good, I’ll be prepared next time it sets too strong.

I can’t brag enough about this anchor so thank you for a great design.

Gregory Horton