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Poem about Rocna 40 on St. Francis 50

February, 2014

When we lift our anchor I always watch her all the way up and signal to Paul when she’s parked  but take a look a the attached photo of our ‘attachment’ - and even with the mollusc firmly planted on the sharp end, our trusty Rocna still set and held fast!  


When cruising is your passion
You need to be quite strong
You need to be determined cus
Quite often things go wrong

But amidst the gloss and gadgets
There’s something shining bright and secure
And that’s our trusty Rocna Anchor
He’s our best friend that’s for sure

He doesn’t take the limelight
He doesn’t ask for praise
He just dig his heels in stead fast and
Holds where conchs do graze.

And so it was this morning
When Rocna came to lift
A shiny pink nose he was sporting
T’was clearly oceans gift.

He never complained or groaned to stray
That Rocna held tight where cast
Even with his conch adornment
Our Rocna held tight and fast

So - all hail the Trusty Rocna
Our shining knight and trusty stead
We hold you as an icon
That all good sailors need!


Lesley R., SV “Suliere”