Rocna 20 on a Back Cove 37 | Rocna® Anchors

Rocna 20 on a Back Cove 37

We were highly satisfied with the performance of the 20 kg / 44 Lbs Rocna Anchor on our Back Cove 37.

Fit launch and retrieval were flawless with no modifications to the stock windlass, platform, or roller. The boat LOD is 38 ft; displacement 21,000 lbs.

We had specified 5/16 in / 8 mm G4 all chain rode. We set at 5:1 scope.  We had many nights of persistent 20 kts with gusts to 25 kts in anchorages exposed to wind. We had at least one night of persistent 25 kts with gusts close to 35 kts. We dragged only once in an anchorage at 20 kts. On retrieval we found we were in a very weedy bottom. We re-anchored in deeper weed free waters with an immediate and perfect set with no problems in persistent 20-25 kts during the night.

Klaus Loehr