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Rocna 20 on a Bavaria Vision 42

October, 2016

We were supposed to be rafted up with 4 other boats at Bobbin Head, but due to high wind, we all decided to anchor separately.  I dropped the Rocna and noticed it “take”.  Three of the other four boats dragged anchor and had to re-set.  When a couple of them lost anchor again, we all decided to move to Refuge Bay to take up moorings.  We did not drag and in fact, I jammed the winch and had a bit of trouble actually bringing the Rocna up – it was that well set!

On the way down to Refuge, Peter recorded the wind at 20 to 30 knots with gusts of 35+ knots.  Gino has just informed me winds were recorded at 65km an hour.

The next day we went back up to Bobbin Head and rafted up with the other four boats.  On Sunday Sydney was again hit by high winds, so much so it snapped our back line to the shore!  Yet again our Rocna was firm and in fact it looked like a couple of the other anchors had dragged.  We were taking the strain of not just our boat.

I have a picture of the 5 boats if you would like to see it.

There may be some more Rocna customers!

Mandy Mclean