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Rocna 20 on Dufour Classic 41 during "microburst"

December, 2012

In September 2011, a supposedly secure bay in Ionian Greece was hit by a freak weather event described as a "microburst" after the fact. The sailing club in the bay recorded a peak wind strength of 95 knots, winds that beached and destroyed many boats. A catamaran, also secure at anchor on a Rocna, was even flipped in the water - fortunately without serious injury to the onboard owners.

Ethel's experiences

Michael and Roseanne H., writing for UK magazine Sailing Today, tell of how they survived the event and of what they witnessed on their Dufour Classic 41, anchored on a Rocna 20. Courtesy of Sailing Today we reproduce their article, please click the link to open the PDF:

"Holding Power" - Greek Micro Storm (Sailing Today)

Another Rocna, another account

Other boats in Vliko Bay were also safely attached to Rocna anchors. Ad and Lies van 't Net on their 16 m (52') steel ketch "Jonas" also endured the microburst, their "hopes pinned on the [Rocna 33] anchor, hoping that it would hold...".

Lies' account is reproduced on the website of The Ionian Magazine (click here).

Michael and Roseanne H