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Rocna 25 on Kalik 44 sloop

April, 2011

Dutch couple Marianne and Paul W. have been cruising on their yacht since 2003, in the Mediterranean, the Netherlands, and inbetween. They are now planning to leave in 2008 on an extended cruise of 5 to 10 years, and are preparing the boat for that expedition.

After returning to Holland in 2004, Paul and Marianne knew one thing for sure: the anchor had to change. Zilver was equipped with a 27 kg plough, but as Paul comments, they never really felt secure on it. "It crawled whenever the wind would change and also when we anchored in weeds or soft grounds. And what about coming back with your dingy to find out that your boat is gone: a sailor's nightmare coming true, and we've been there!"

Searching for a superior replacement initially proved a little frustrating. "We were interested in a Spade or a Bügel anchor, but we couldn't decide which one would be the best." However, after coming across the Rocna, the solution seemed obvious.

Purchasing an anchor before Rocna had European distributors, Paul had the new 25 kg anchor air-freighted all the way from New Zealand to Amsterdam at considerable cost, confident the new design would prove its value. Feedback to-date hints, to say the least, that it has.

"The performance is perfect! We've anchored on sand, weed, mud, current, light winds, strong winds, storm – it doesn't matter. It sets immediately and stays where you drop it. If the wind increases and you have not enough chain out the Rocna will pull the chain out of you locker (good punishment for not having enough chain out and not securing it properly!). The Rocna will even not move from its spot anchoring in a tidal river.

"To test the Rocna anchor we anchored out on spots and in conditions where normal people wouldn’t even think to anchor. Since we bought the Rocna we hardly moor in harbours anymore (why would we?)"

Performance aside, Paul and Marianne seem happy with the value of the anchor. This demonstrates the quality of its design and construction. "We have used it a lot and it still looks like new... The construction is solid. The Rocna anchor on the bow of our boat looks dangerous!"

In early 2007, nearly a year after ordering their Rocna, Paul sent us the below testimonial.

We have been cruising for one and a half year and because we want to leave again next year but then for a longer period. We had a 27 kg plough anchor with 100 meters of chain. Our boat is a 12-13 tons Kalik 44. On our last trip of course we talked to a lot of other sailors and that brought us to the conclusion that a Spade or Bügel anchor are the best option, but... we could not decide which one is the best.

Well, the funny part of this story is that my wife (technically objective) said: "Isn't it stupid: why don't they just make an anchor that combines the best of both?" And me, at the same time browsing on the internet for the 100th time, found your site, and 1 + 1 = THE PERFECT ANCHOR!

I wanted to mail you at the end of last summer to tell you about my experiences with the Rocna anchor, but – as you know – time flies, and here we are in January 2007! But better late than never, so here we go:

This summer we anchored as much as we could (let's say about every weekend) because we wanted to test our new anchor. We anchored in deep water, shallow water, fresh water and salt water, with wind force 1 to 8-9 and we have just one word for the Rocna anchor: PERFECT!

It stays where you drop it, and we even got a very nice test experience during our holiday. We dropped the anchor in a force 5-6 (which was predicted) and within half an hour the wind suddenly increased to a force 8-9. Instead of our boat on the run (we got used to that with our previous anchor), the Rocna stayed where we dropped it (again) and instead our anchor chain was pulled out of the locker! The force 7-9 lasted for about 1.5 days, but we had no problem at all.

Nice anecdote: during that storm, we were anchored in front of a harbour. Two days later we met people who had been in the harbour and they were telling about the big storm that hit them. We then told them that we anchored during this storm and they said: "Wow, so you were the madmen that stayed out there. Everybody in the harbour was wondering how you could be on anchor in weather like that!"

What more can we say? We tell everybody how satisfied we are with our Rocna, and the nice thing now is that we can give them an address in Holland where they can purchase it!

So once again we would like to thank you for your kind help to get the anchor to be shipped to Holland and we wish you good sales in New Zealand as well as in Holland!

Happy 2007 and best regards from Paul Willems.

Paul and Marianne Willems