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Rocna 30 on Custom 14m steel sloop

January, 2011

Looking to upgrade his anchoring equipment, Len S. found Rocna Anchors after talking to friends who were existing owners. One particular aquaintance was so enthusiastic about his new anchor, Len decided to invest in a Rocna 30.

Like most people who try a Rocna for the first time, Len was the most impressed by the anchor's instant setting. He comments it was his favorite feature. "The Rocna's setting is so predictable . . . you can judge the final set position exactly. The CQR we had before was a good anchor, but it just wasn't as reliable. The Rocna allows us to get closer to shore in most anchorages, especially if they're busy . . . it means the difference between getting a reasonable distance in, and anchoring all the way out."

Accustomed to the weather conditions in New Zealand, Len and Jo use a 100% chain rode. To reduce snatching, Len places an elastic snub on the chain. "In one blow over Christmas we had about 55 knots of wind . . . in gusts the snub was stretching fully (about a meter or so) and the chain was taking up. We'd never seen the CQR do that; it probably would have been dragging by that point."

Len tells us something we're always happy to hear: he recommends Rocna anchors to other sailors. To us, no promotion is more valuable than genuine word of mouth.

Thanks Len, we're glad you like your new anchor. Sum it up for us? "A truly excellent product."

Len and Jo S.