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Rocna 30 on Ganley Pacemaker 39

January, 2011

When the champagne bottle christened Shayne and Wendy Tobin's new world cruiser, it met its end against the heel of a Rocna 30. Launched in New Zealand's Bay of Islands, Waiora was built solely by its owners. She is to take the couple, together with daughter Kaya, around the world.

Young Kaya, affectionately named after Shayne and Wendy's previous yacht, is a fairly new addition to the family. Aware of the responsibility of keeping his family safe and secure, and possessing considerable sailing experience, Shayne understands that safety and security is the foremost aspect shared by all the hardware on a cruising yacht. And, since Shayne has no intention of spending his cruising time parked in marinas, it was only natural to seek out the anchor that best met those requirements.

Unusually for our customers, Shayne has one bone of contention with his Rocna: he complains, tongue-in-cheek, that after digging in deep, it collects undersized shellfish upon retrieval. Along with a considerable quantity of mud. Well, we're glad to see people are complaining their anchors are gripping well. Oh, and if this inspires any thoughts about the Rocna being environmentally unfriendly, we prefer to use this as a selling point. Consider the damage that many anchors inflict upon the seabed and its living inhabitants as they plough or claw their way through the substrate .

Shayne and Wendy T.