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Rocna 33 on 46' Motor Yacht

June, 2013

Dear Rocna and Marineware Asia,

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Bob Mott of Marineware Asia based in Phuket.

My boat, ‘Outsider’, based in Hong Kong, the anchor having jagged a communication cable and requiring me to cut it away, required a new one fairly hastily to ensure continued ops of our charter service.

Researching the net proved Rocna Anchors new tech design to be superior to all others in my opinion, and I was not disappointed when the anchor arrived. Build quality is great and so far having used the 33kg model for 2 months there is no sign of age, it grabs almost immediately and little if no drag throughout the day. I’ve been surprisingly impressed. Combined with my Lewmar V3 windlass seems to be a perfect addition to my boat ‘Outsider’

Additionally I would like to mention, that dealing with Bob Mott of Marineware Asia was a very pleasant experience, fast and constant communication, great knowledge of the product and a willingness to help out. On that note, I would like to thank the Rocna team in assisting Bob in getting the anchor to me as quickly as possible.


Evan G.

Evan G.