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Rocna 40 on a Hatteras 50

January, 2011

With a large displacement hull weighing in at 20 tons and a LOA of 54', Kristina presents a considerable profile to the wind. Tired of dragging their old generation anchor, Tony E. needed a final solution.

Tony and Angela have the privilege of being one of our very first customers. With Kristina just down the marina dock from Rocna designer Peter'sKiwi Roa, Tony knew Peter personally, and indicated an interest in the original Rocna 55 on the bow of Kiwi Roa. This was before we had created the Rocna brand, and full commercialization of our product had not yet happened. We credit Tony with providing some of the encouragement necessary for the next step to be taken in the development of Rocna.

It was not a terribly easy prospect adding Tony's new Rocna 40 to Kristina. The problem was a custom steel structure that had been added at some point in the yacht's history to strengthen the bowsprit. Trusting that his Rocna would be worth the effort, Tony had the bowsprit completely redesigned and rebuilt. You can see the result above – the 40 kg anchor sits home just perfectly.

After testing his new anchor extensively up and down the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, Tony and Angela actively spread the word amongst their friends. They are directly responsible for a handful of valuable sales, and the setting performance and holding power of the Rocna are topics constantly being raised when our paths cross.

Tony and Angela E