Rocna 40 on Jenneau 57 in severe storm | Rocna® Anchors

Rocna 40 on Jenneau 57 in severe storm

August, 2012

With regard our recent sail from France to Croatia we arrived in Dubrovnik in the dark after being greeted 20 miles out by a very nasty storm. After checking in with the Harbourmaster and immigration police we were told we couldn’t stay on the jetty - and were asked to leave. We were aware of an island close by that had a bay which would afford some protection from the SE winds (BURA wind - up to 60 knots).

After arriving in the bay in hail and sleet and anchoring successfully my wife checked the details of the bay and discovered the bottom had a poor hold.

After an anxious night we came up on deck in the morning to find we hadn’t moved an inch.

Chris M