Rocna 40 on Meridian 391 during Hurricane Sandy | Rocna® Anchors

Rocna 40 on Meridian 391 during Hurricane Sandy

January, 2013

I wanted to share an email with you that we sent to our friends and family while we were cruising from Miami, FL to St Thomas, Virgin Islands when we were attacked by Hurricane Sandy with recorded winds of 126 mph on the bow of our boat while we held fast with our 40 kg Rocna anchor.  Below is an accounting of what happened and how great our Rocna anchor performed.

Reports over the radio say the winds are estimated to be 110-125 mph and getting stronger by the minute while the rain is getting heavier by the second…For the next hour we watch branches and trees flying past us in the wind.  Boats breaking loose, the lucky ones get washed onto the beach, the unlucky ones get washed onto the rocks where they begin a slow crunching death, and other boats, we watch in silence as they get swept out the mouth of the cove out to sea into waves bigger than you can imagine while disappearing into the gray, rainy haze. …We have a bridle that leads to our 180' of rode, which is attached to our 60' of chain, which is attached to our 40kg Rocna anchor, which must have buried itself 2-3 feet deep by now with all this force pulling against it.

29 people died in the Caribbean yesterday from FrankenStorm but none of them were us.   

We woke up this morning and gave a shuttle ride to the lobster boat guys who let us use their mooring as a backup, but we never needed it as the Rocna held firm through it all….We told them that instead of using 3 different anchors, with one of them weighing 150 lbs, all they really needed was one Rocna.

Frederic & Barbie