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Rocna 40 on Salthouse Sovereign 62

September, 2005

Craig T. runs Torckler Marine Services and imports to New Zealand the popular Australian Black Watch launches. He also manages for its owners the 62' motor-yacht Kialoa.

Kialoa used to have a Manson plough which frequently gave problems. After hearing about the Rocna, Craig replaced it with a Rocna of the same weight. A year later, we received, completely unsolicited, the letter below, which is reproduced with permission.

Craig is happy to answer enquiries, and kindly allowed us to publish his contact details here. To ask his independent opinion of Kialoa's Rocna, you can e-mail him at

Torckler Marine Services Ltd
P O Box 194, Westpark Village
West Harbour, Auckland 1050
Tel +64 9 412 7802

29 September 2005

Dear Peter,


I have just returned from the MV Kialoa having delivered her from Fiji to New Caledonia via Vanuatu. I head back up to the boat in a few days to run her back to New Zealand.

With regard to the Rocna anchor supplied to the vessel earlier this year and its performance, I can only offer praise.

Over the 26 years I have been full-time boating, no other anchor I have used has come close to the holding power or quick setting that the Rocna appeared to have.

This is not a statement based on scientific testing but solely on its performance in a real life situation.

MV Kialoa weighs in around 25 tons, and being high wooded with a shallow draft, has a tendency to wander at anchor. I have on a number of occasions, over the 4 years I have managed this vessel, dragged the 40 kg Manson plough that we had fitted.

Since fitting the Rocna just prior to steaming for Fiji in June, the vessel has logged approx 6000nm and has spent most nights at anchor. To date we can only praise the holding power of this anchor and would certainly recommend it to others.



Craig Torckler
Torckler Marine Services

Craig Torckler