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Rocna 40 on Stevens 47 cutter

November, 2010

Leaving their jobs behind them, Dave and Patricia left the US in early November 2005 after spending several months cruising the East Coast on their new yacht Whisper. Together with son Ian and dog Ernie, the Wilson's first offshore destination was Bermuda, followed by the islands of the Caribbean.

Dave first heard about Rocna on the SSCA internet message board, and after some further research decided to outfit Whisper with a Rocna 40. Early impressions were favorable – writing in their blog, Dave tells of Hurricane Wilma's passing: "A deep low pressure system joined forces with Wilma and there is a hurricane warning far offshore. Here, we've seen gusts of 40 knots, though the forecast predicted up to 60 knots... The anchor is holding tight..."

A few months later, it seems Dave was happy with his decision. In a post to the SSCA: "We have now lived with the 40 kg Rocna for several months and my initial impressions are unchanged. Whether it is the sheer size of the anchor or its shape or design, the thing always sets and stays put. We've seen three or four gales and winds up to 45 knots and have never detected any issue with the anchor holding. I'm trying not to become over-confident, as I expect that at some time it will drag and we need to remain vigilent..."

Recently: "We've experienced very good holding nearly all the time, including tropical storm force winds in Maine (twice) and in the Caribbean several times and 64 knot gusts today in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas. Today our son was alone aboard as a thunderstorm came through. Many boats dragged, we didn't."

In early 2006, six months after ordering his Rocna and after three months in the Caribbean, Dave sent us the below testimonial. Dave is also happy to answer enquiries, and kindly allowed us to publish his contact details. To ask his independent opinion of Whisper's Rocna, you can e-mail him

Dave and Patricia