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Rocna 44 holds through hurricanes Irma and Maria

October, 2017
Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product. I am in St Maarten on my Cheoy Lee 44' and the boat just went through hurricanes Irma which was a direct hit with winds gusting to 250mph, and hurricane Maria right after with winds of 125mph. I had my boat in a marina with my Rocna 44 set on 3/4" anchor line in about 15 feet of water and that anchor never broke loose. It held through both storms and stopped the bow of my boat from moving in a lateral motion. This probably saved all my dock lines from breaking. As you may know about 90% of all the boats on the island sank, so I consider myself very lucky. I have owned boats for 35 years and your anchor is the best I have owned so far. Keep up the good work guys.
Rourke Henderson
Rourke Henderson