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Rocna 55 on Irwin 54

May, 2013

Dear Rocna,

We just want to say thank you for such an amazing anchor!  We have traveled more than 30,000 miles using our Bulwagga and CQR, and after only a month of anchoring with our 121 lb Rocna, the difference is quite apparent.

We set easily each time. We feel confident that we are not likely to drag. We have watched the anchor underwater as the boat turns and clearly see the Rocna staying set and handling the new orientation.

Our only regret is not having purchased the Rocna earlier.

Thank you again for developing such a reliable anchor.

Attached is a picture that a fellow cruiser took while we were coming in to anchor at Zut in Croatia. BTW, they, too, have a Rocna!


Jeff and Gayle A.
sv Lazy Bones, Irwin 54

Jeff and Gayle A.