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I have recently purchased a Vulcan 44. We have a 65' houseboat on Old Hickory lake. Part of the Cumberland river system. We typically boat with several friends with 70' to 100' houseboats. Most of these use a Fortress or Danforth style anchor. Often we may have 6 to 8 boats tied together.

I can't tell you how much we LOVE our Rocna. It has provided so many nights at anchor (over 350 at least) in peace knowing we will be in the same spot we dropped it in the morning. From the Great Lakes to the east coast, to the Caribbean and back we relied on our Rocna and she held fast!

I have a complaint about the Rocna anchor………it’s too good!

I want to share a story of success with you. I bought a Rocna for my 10m catamaran and put it to a good test while anchored in Loch Eriboll on the north coast of Scotland. Despite a stormforce 10 blowing through the Rocna held firm which truly made me realize that I had made the right choice!

Rubicon 3 heads off on sailing expeditions to some of the world’s more remote areas and having a top quality anchor is paramount for us. Anchored off somewhere like the coast of Greenland, we need to know that our anchor will penetrate and hold in almost any environment.

After about 20 hours anchored in +40kt wind and +3m waves (from time to time breaking over the front of the boat) my 15kg Rocna was still in the same spot where I put it, but the rope attached to the chain, the chain itself and the anchor winch broke in one big bang.

I bought my 40 kilo Rocna back in 2012 and had it shipped to Fiji after I got tired of my CQR not setting on the bottom.  I made sure to get a bigger size than my boat needed(45 foot but weighs 45,000 pounds) as I like to sleep at night.  It's held us in 55 knot winds while we were anchored in... read more

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!!! We just rode out Hurricane Otto in Bahia Santa Elana, Costa Rica, and the reason I am here to write this, in large measure, is due to you guys and my Rocna anchor.

We were supposed to be rafted up with 4 other boats at Bobbin Head, but due to high wind, we all decided to anchor separately.  I dropped the Rocna and noticed it “take”.  Three of the other four boats dragged anchor and had to re-set.  When a couple of them lost anchor again, we all decided to... read more

Ocean Solutions & Rocna Anchors sponsored an event held in Airlie Beach prior to the main weekend rally in which they supplied a Vulcan Anchor to be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards Prostate Cancer Research.

I just purchased a new Vulcan anchor and I couldn’t be happier with the fit on my bowsprit. Purchased at Bacon Marine in Annapolis, MD after speaking with your reps in the Rocna tent. Knowledge and service was excellent all around.