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On Saturday I was at your booth at the Boat Show to compliment the performance of your still Rocna. With my husband we sailed in the Mediterranean in the summer and we are really very happy with this anchor: since we adopted a few years ago, we no longer had to redo a berth!

Bellaroo's Rocna anchor is probably one of the best additions to her inventory. Although rather pricey, the security when she's dug-in is worth every penny...

Hello, my name is Denis Dicks. I am an SSCA member and have been for a number of years (I can't remember how many). We cruise aboard our Liberty 458, Bobulona.

For years I used a 33 lb Bruce on my 31 foot sailboat.  Late last year we changed to a  32 foot 15000 pound trawler. 

While sailing throughout the Caribbean area, UK, Spain and Portugal, we have anchored in various terrains and never experienced any problems. As Rocna states, it is “Rock Solid”; in sand, soft substrate, coral sand, in grass and kelp. Even in a rocky bottom with 40cm sand substrate.... read more

Aventura is in Lancaster Sound, in Arctic Canada, at the start of the Northwest Passage. Last Thursday and Friday we had a 27 hour storm, with gusts of up to 58 knots.

Alex S. was a participant in the Vulcan Beta Trials.

Our boat is a 28' power cat designed by Gary Barnett in New Zealand. I tested the anchor in both soft conditions and in rock conditions in Lake Washington and the Puget Sound.  

The boat has a dual roller system and the fit is good. Dual rollers hold the anchor in a particular attitude vs one roller around which the anchor will rotate depending on the angle of pull of the chain. In this case both the Rocna and the two Vulcans fit fine.

I love this anchor. Have a 15 kg on a 32 GB and it is by far the best anchor I have had compared to CQR and Bruce type. Sets quickly and holds well at 3:1, a necessity in crowded anchorages. Go to 5:1 in heavy blow. Has never pulled out and self launches when anchoring.

Marc is the owner of a Nordhavn 47 with a 70kg Rocna on it - a displacement of 90,000+ lbs. He relies on using the Rocna for all his sailing adventures around the world. Marc says: