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We live in Southern California and keep our 48 foot Cal 1966 classic boat in Ventura Harbor.

It is difficult to imagine a coastal navigation that is more dependent on the excellence of an anchor than that practiced in the extreme south.

It had been a rough night on the hook, a really rough night.  The next day friends asked how we sleep when it's so rough out there.  I responded that I slept like a baby. I woke up every five minutes and cried. The truth is I have never slept better since switching to the one anchor I swore I... read more

Dear Rocna and Marineware Asia,

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Bob Mott of Marineware Asia based in Phuket.

Dear Rocna,

We just want to say thank you for such an amazing anchor!  We have traveled more than 30,000 miles using our Bulwagga and CQR, and after only a month of anchoring with our 121 lb Rocna, the difference is quite apparent.

Superb Rocna anchors fitted to all yachts operated by Nisos Yacht Charter in the Ionian Islands, Greece

I wanted to share an email with you that we sent to our friends and family while we were cruising from Miami, FL to St Thomas, Virgin Islands when we were attacked by Hurricane Sandy with recorded winds of 126 mph on the bow of our boat while we held fast with our 40 kg Rocna anchor.  Below is... read more

In September 2011, a supposedly secure bay in Ionian Greece was hit by a freak weather event described as a "microburst" after the fact. The sailing club in the bay recorded a peak wind strength of 95 knots, winds that beached and destroyed many boats.

With regard our recent sail from France to Croatia we arrived in Dubrovnik in the dark after being greeted 20 miles out by a very nasty storm. After checking in with the Harbourmaster and immigration police we were told we couldn’t stay on the jetty - and were asked to leave.

Dutch couple Marianne and Paul W. have been cruising on their yacht since 2003, in the Mediterranean, the Netherlands, and inbetween. They are now planning to leave in 2008 on an extended cruise of 5 to 10 years, and are preparing the boat for that expedition.

When the champagne bottle christened Shayne and Wendy Tobin's new world cruiser, it met its end against the heel of a Rocna 30. Launched in New Zealand's Bay of Islands, Waiora was built solely by its owners. She is to take the couple, together with daughter Kaya, around the world.

Looking to upgrade his anchoring equipment, Len S. found Rocna Anchors after talking to friends who were existing owners. One particular aquaintance was so enthusiastic about his new anchor, Len decided to invest in a Rocna 30.