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Ronca 55 on 20m luxury charter yacht

January, 2011

Multi-million-dollar charter yacht Regal Flyer was very nearly lost on a lee-shore when the shank on her plough anchor seperated from the blade. Poor construction had led the weld to corrode from the inside out, giving no warning signs and letting the anchor simply fall apart one night, as if it had been tacked together with plasticene.

Regal Flyer is a 20m (65') motor yacht used for charter by her owners. Operating from the Viaduct Basin in downtown Auckland, where the 2000 Louis Vuitton America's Cup was based, she spends most of her time cruising the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. She is operated by a full-time crew of three, and is surveyed to carry as many as 70 charter guests. Her website can be visited at

Regal Flyer needed a new anchor, a reliable one this time, and professional skipper Andy T. was referred to us by a friend. We made a visit to the Viaduct Basin, and, after some consultation, outfitted her with a new Rocna 55. Impressed with the product once installed, Andy bought a second Rocna from us: a baby Rocna 4, for Regal Flyer's tender.

The Rocna 55 presents 2300cm² of surface blade area to the seabed, and is 55 kg (121 lb) of steel shaped into the most effective general-purpose marine anchor of its size ever designed. Not only does she benefit from a Rocna's other attractions, such as instant setting, roll-stability, and high-strength, but Regal Flyer now enjoys more than double the holding power ever managed by her previous anchor.

Andy T