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Hello, my name is Denis Dicks. I am an SSCA member and have been for a number of years (I can't remember how many). We cruise aboard our Liberty 458, Bobulona.

For years I used a 33 lb Bruce on my 31 foot sailboat.  Late last year we changed to a  32 foot 15000 pound trawler. 

On Saturday I was at your booth at the Boat Show to compliment the performance of your still Rocna. With my husband we sailed in the Mediterranean in the summer and we are really very happy with this anchor: since we adopted a few years ago, we no longer had to redo a berth!

“Recently, we were hit by a pop up storm here in South Florida where winds hit 30-40kts for 30-40 minutes while we were rafted up with a 60' Morgan Schooner and two power boats. Wind shifted and our anchor was the only one holding all of us.

Yes, this new addition to the Rocna line-up is certainly a good insurance policy for us and for our boat. With it holding us securely to the sea bed, our chances of living long are certainly improved. Now we just have to figure out how to prosper.

"Our Rocna anchor performed perfectly throughout this voyage, and more than proved its worth during a 60-knot storm in Dundas Harbour in August 2014." -Jimmy Cornell, well known offshore sailor and author, after recently completing a west to east transit of the Northwest Passage.

We were highly satisfied with the performance of the 20 kg / 44 Lbs Rocna Anchor on our Back Cove 37.

Fit launch and retrieval were flawless with no modifications to the stock windlass, platform, or roller. The boat LOD is 38 ft; displacement 21,000 lbs.

Arctic Tern, a Bruce Roberts 434, recently complete the North West Passage, sailing 6250 miles from Newfoundland to Alaska using a Vulcan 33 as their primary anchor.  Some of the comments we received on their experience include:

Since fitting a Rocna Fisherman to my boat I'm consistently catching more fish due to its fast grab characteristic which lets me anchor right in the zone every time and keeps me there.

"Your product gives me the security I need to sleep at night when conditions deteriorate."