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Vulcan 25 on a Fusion 40 Catamaran

October, 2016

We recently sponsored an event with the Shag Islet Cruising Association.

The membership with-in this association is over 5000 members many of which are active cruising yachts with-in Australia but also many others worldwide. They have a yearly event in North Queensland with over 200 yachts in attendance this year. Ocean Solutions (& Rocna Anchors) sponsored an event held in Airlie Beach prior to the main weekend rally in which we supplied a Vulcan Anchor to be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards Prostate Cancer Research, which is the main focus of the SICYC. Along with the anchor we also supplied the Rocna bottle openers & hats to be handed out during the evening. Feedback from guests that attended said the evening was a great success.

The winner of the auctioned anchor has now claimed it & fitted his anchor. They previously had a Manson Supreme Anchor on their vessel (Fusion 40 Catamaran) & prior to speaking with me were going to use the Vulcan as their secondary anchor. They now are going to use it as their primary as the fit is much better. Photos are attached, will send the 2nd email shortly

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