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Vulcan 44 on a 65' Houseboat

September, 2018

I have recently purchased a Vulcan 44. We have a 65' houseboat on Old Hickory lake. Part of the Cumberland river system. We typically boat with several friends with 70' to 100' houseboats. Most of these use a Fortress or Danforth style anchor. Often we may have 6 to 8 boats tied together. Usually light wind and very little current. But that said we almost always have to reset the anchor or anchors every weekend. Sometimes 2-3 times! So far that has changed with my new Vulcan anchor! It sets instantly and holds! To be fair we have only used it a few times. But we had 5,6, and even 7 houseboats tied up on that one anchor! All of my friends say they are sold on this anchor. I can't say they each buy one. But some of them will!

I am certainly a very happy customer so far. I will sleep good on the hook tonight because I feel confident my anchor will hold.

Paul Barlar