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Vulcan 9 on 28' Power cat

August, 2014

Alex S. was a participant in the Vulcan Beta Trials.

Our boat is a 28' power cat designed by Gary Barnett in New Zealand. I tested the anchor in both soft conditions and in rock conditions in Lake Washington and the Puget Sound.  

Twice I tested it in >10 knot winds. In all cases the Vulcan set very easily with no slippage.  I set it with a scope of around 4:1 to 7:1 but in one instance I probably used 2.5:1 because I was surrounded by boats and didn¹t have the flexibility to let out any more chain. No matter what scope I used, the boat did not slip. When it was time to pull the anchor, it came up easily. One thing I really liked about the anchor relative to the Bruce on the boat before is that I didn't need to kick the Vulcan off the bow. The heavy weight on the fluke made it fall right over the side when I let out the chain on the windlass.

One less thing to worry about when anchoring.

Alex S.